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Posted: Mar 29, 2021

Some of the things you can do in Voidspace now

As we continue to add new content to the game, there are times when people simply don't realize what is available in-game yet. We talk about what we want Voidspace to be when it's finished, but what is available right now? Lets go over some of them.

Holding the right-mouse button down will cause your ship to always point at your cursor

We call this combat mode and it can be quite useful for combat, but also just making sure your ship is pointing where you want it to. This will immediately pull you out of "rotation mode" which is the default mode for the game when you first start. If you want to go back to rotation mode, just use the button at the very top that looks like a ship with 2 rounded arrows beside the Options button.

You can send out a "distress call" to anyone within range and the message will appear on their map

This obviously is a bit of a double-edged sword. One one hand it can be very handy for finding people, on the other hand the people you find might not be the people you want hanging around. These mighty pings come from your suit, which is from the Old World and therefore somewhat magical in it's engineering prowess. It can blast pings up to 50 "cells" away (by cells we mean the circles you see in your map view that shows the areas you've discovered). 50 cells just happens to be just over 18 kilometers away, so it's quite a strong pulse. Keep in mind that this pulse will only show up on the maps of people who were within range when you sent the signal; if someone later comes in range, they will not see it.

You can start a player organization and have people spawn with you that have joined your org

The code around player organizations is still in it's infancy but you can start playing with people right now. Use the "social" button at the top of the screen (icon looks like people) to access the window for creating new player organizations or joining existing ones. For now you will need to start a new character to do so, however very soon we will support respawning into a player organization.

You can actually specify a stackable item to be a "currency" and the count will always appear at the top of the screen

Using the "currency manager" window, which is one of the buttons beside the Options button, you can specify ANY item that is stackable as a currency. The amount of that currency you have access to will then be displayed at the top of the window. You can specify a few currencies as well.

You can now put items in your action bar by dragging the (!) button found in the item's inspection window to an empty action bar slot

Here are some examples of how this might be used. You could put your own ship in the action bar for easy access. You could put the fluid tank that is installed in a fluid collector there so you can keep track of how much fluid has been collected.

You can play on the same character (or different characters) on different devices at the same time

You can actually run the same character on your Android phone while also playing on your desktop at the same time, seamlessly. Want to run multiple characters at once? You can! If you're not doing any combat (just management tasks) you could actually fire up the game in multiple tabs on desktop and run as many as your computer can handle.

You can download the game on any platform for free, you don't need to pay for the game twice as long as you already have a paid account

This has been pretty painful from a PR perspective because platforms that display the game as "free" confuse people (and rightly so). There is just no comfortable way of doing this kind of thing on the various platforms (Steam, Playstore, Apple App Store..etc) I assume because they want their cut. Well, we're doing it anyway! Download the game for free on any platform you want, pay once and play anywhere.

(This is a work in progress and I'll keep adding stuff here - Message me in Discord if you have any ideas of what we should add here!)

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