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Voidspace: The Open-world Survival Space MMORPG built for Browser, desktop, and phone

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What they`re saying about us

I`ll just go to bed myself, have not slept since installing this game a couple of days ago

- Maxion (source)

Playing through the tutorial last night gave me many of the same vibes of child like wonder that I had playing Minecraft for the first time.

- iambecomelegend (source)

I`ve played eve on and off since its release. Due to a lack of good space games. Voidspace has the potential to be the first in its class. By breaking the mold and creating a whole new class of outer space game.

- Veldain (source)

VoidSpace has potential to be revolutionary if everything clicks together.

- Bago Games (source)

This technology looks to challenge the current limitations of the gaming industry, and provide players with a fun experience they won't soon forget.

- Crypto Coins News (source)

I`ve played a little and it seems to be the most amazing and deep mmo ever

- William Hououin (source)

Voidspace a survival MMO where players control the narrative, created items, and even inventions

- MassivelyOP (source)

Amazing gameplay! One of the top space game to play in 2020.

- gameskeys.net (source)

Voidspace is perhaps the most interesting MMORPG I've ever seen.

- Front Towards Gamer (source)

The game is very addictive - we have played it for days and still can get enough. Highly recommended!

- Free Apps For Me (source)

Voidspace is a rare breed that will certainly immerse you in it's atmosphere and promise.

- Apps like these (source)

We would like to mention that the developer does everything to guarantee an excellent user experience. So, in case of any technical issues or even suggestions you can easily reach them on their discord which has well over 1000 people on it.

- App Pearl (source)

The Next Evolution of the survival MMORPG!

Modeling the human experience in a society. This game isn't just about you and your journey, it's a about how all players progress technology, society, and infrastructure in a virtual environment, together.

Effectively Infinite
Completely Seamless Game World

Twitch-based Gameplay

Voidspace aims to finally bring a limitless multiplayer experience. No "zones" or seams of any kind, just one enormous game world; everyone is playing together in the same server. Discover other player outposts and possibly join another group in order to maintain your own security. Find ancient abandoned player-made civilizations that you can research and study, acquire, or disassemble and recycle.

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Invention and crafting shapes the world

Players create the game world through the natural progression of technology and society. This means the game will change significantly over time. Players will gain control over areas of space and will benefit from keeping those areas policed and safe for people to conduct their business.

  • Get an idea and prototype it to make it a skill

    New ideas come to a character automatically, but they can be focused and accelerated through the use of a research facility or lab. Invent weapons, special equipment with special abilities, base modules, ships, and ammunition. Sell manufactured versions of your invention, or sell the ability to create them, to other players.

    Become a scholar of a category of technology in order to boost the quality of your inventions within the same category. The spread of ideas, skill, and knowledge will be a very valuable concept within the game. It is very likely that players will create schools to educate and spread knowledge for money. Well established player groups may even provide education free-of-charge to new players in order to give their player-base an advantage in the world.

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  • Generally everything is made by players

    Since there are no NPCs, there is also no supporting infrastructure in Voidspace. Players will need to create their own infrastructure in order to facilitate their own growth and progression in the game. Players will be able to build and manufacture their own buildings, outposts, bases, cities, ships, ship upgrades and equipment, and even ammunition.

    Certain large scale projects will also require multiple characters contributing to it's construction. There is no centralized auction house which means the might a player possesses is really relative to his local area. One area might be lacking in ammunition production, so a player can take advantage of that and create the factories required to meet that local need. The alternative would be to have players trade ammunition brought in from the nearest manufacturing plant, which would raise the price of that commodity in the area.

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  • You make your own routes

    Parts of the game world will have higher concentrations of certain raw resources than others. Mine and collect these resources and travel to distant parts of the game world to sell your goods at a premium. Furthermore, players can create factories, and even entire industries, manufacturing ships, equipment, and ammunition. These goods will also need to be distributed throughout the game world.

    It will even be possible to ferry other players from one place to another.

    The game world may undergo sweeping changes due to major player actions. Wars, for example, can change supply and demand of various goods and raw materials in an area. Traders not involved in the war could use it to their advantage by shipping goods to either side.

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  • The only limit is your imagination

    Because there are no NPCs in the game, anything that the player needs to progress in the game must be provided by another player, or himself. This paradigm opens the world up to an incredible number of business types and business models that the players can create. A business can be created around any player need, and it is not just limited to the buying and selling of raw materials or manufactured goods.

    Voidspace will allow players to perform cryptocurrency transactions between each other. This will allow players to have in-game businesses that actually make them real money, and provides a safer platform for making trades between players that doesn't involve some sort of sketchy black market.

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  • Combat is skill based, but it's not the focus of the game

    Combat is done in real-time, similar to that of an arcade game. You control your ship, choose what weapons to fire, and try to avoid your opponent's shots. Since the player has to develop his own weapons, it is up to him to keep up with the latest technology developed by the players. He can do so by buying upgrades from players who choose to sell, or by developing technology on his own.

    More than one player can man a ship. It will be possible to have a crew of players, all with different jobs micromanaging in order to gain an advantage during battle.

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Mine asteroids for raw materials

Start with a makeshift pickaxe that you made from scraps, advance your mining technology until you have full mining rigs capable of mining for you while you're offline.

Collect and store fuel

You will need lots of rocket fuel for your expeditions. Either collect gas from gas clouds or make rocket fuel with a bit of chemistry.

Grow crops for food

In order for your character to perform their best, they'll need to eat, and eat well. A scientist can't work on an empty stomach, a well fed scientist can reach his maximum potential.

Build and manage your energy

Much of the equipment and tools you will be inventing are powered so you'll have to ensure you have enough of it. Weigh the pros and cons of using various types of generators that your character comes up with.

Become a hub for other players

Build an outpost that other players actually need. Players could use your facilities for safety, trade, research, schooling, refueling - the possibilities are endless.