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Posted: Mar 06, 2022


Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games aka MMORPGs have been a huge staple in the gaming community for more than a while now. They’ve been around for decades, and have provided players with some of the most memorable experiences in their lives. The thing that makes MMORPGs so popular is the fact that they’re made to be played with friends and that they’re easily available to you all around the world. For example, RuneScape is one of the most popular Browser MMORPG games, and games such as Black Desert Mobile are easily available as Android MMORPG games. While on PC it’s a whole different ball park. You have an ABUNDANCE of choice and hundreds of games to choose from.

However, with a collection so vast, people tend to get confused about what game they should be investing their time in. That's quite understandable, there are hundreds of games out there, and not all of them are going to be worth your time or your money. This is why you should know what games are the best and what you should be looking out for, just so you can invest your time and experience into the right game. Lucky for you, we're here to make that process a little bit easier. Here's a list of the top five MMORPG games to check out in 2022, some of these are already available to play through early access as well so check them out if you can! Don't worry, each of these games will be completely different, featuring a different genre of MMORPG games that you will simply love to spend time into!

5. Voidspace

Voidspace is a revolutionary MMORPG, set in a sci-fi universe with a distinct style and design that will attract even the most hardcore high fantasy fans to a sci-fi browser MMORPG. Universe Projects Inc may be creating one of the most accessible MMO RPG games of all time. This game can be played on almost any device you own including Android and iOS devices, PCs on Windows or Linux, Macs, or any device with a modern browser. Voidspace places an emphasis on crafting, deep space exploration, resource gathering and scavenging, as well as realtime dogfights in space. Everybody loves some good old fashioned spaceship combat, which is a huge highlight in this game in particular. The game looks gorgeous, with some of the best artwork we've seen in any 2D space game and Escape Velocity fans might be giving this one some extra points for that sweet nostalgia.

Voidspace brings in role playing in RPG, as this browser MMORPG game will allow you to develop your own gear, develop your own skills and teach those things to other players. Unlike many other MMORPG games, the role playing here isn't a gimmick, instead you actually have to play a certain role to fit into the universe and the story that you are trying to tell. The world will evolve and change according to your decisions and your inventions, as you are an active member of the world that you are traversing and exploring in The Void. This is an extremely experimental concept game, that will require a ton of dedication from you but will addict you to it's gameplay.

Content is added regularly with new skills, abilities, and features added to the game by the very active development team. There is a ton of pve combat available in this game, as the combat is the main highlight here. Aside from that, you can also go into PvP and test your might against other players. The choices and options you have in terms of gameplay here are limitless, it's all up to you depending on what you prefer. You can claim territories, build bases, form governments with other players, man a large spaceship with multiple people in your crew, and explore the The Void in which you reside. Voidspace is available to play in early access right now, you can check it out on their website right away, with a regular release schedule!

4. Pioner

Are you a fan of games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Escape from Tarkov, yet also crave for an MMORPG experience much like Destiny 2 which will give you a mix of first person shooting, exploration, a unique new world to explore and a completely unique gameplay system that you can invest your time into? Well... look no further than Pioner. Pioner is a MMORPG and First Person Shooter, set in a Post-Apocalyptic Soviet Union Island where the mediocrity of human life has transformed into a never-ending war against the unknown. After a Nuclear War, the world in Pioner has transformed and mutated into a dark and dreary place, full of monsters, cretins, zombies and humans who want to take whatever is yours.

This is the key gameplay of Pioner. It mainly focuses on a PvE style gameplay where you can get together with your buddies and take on this new and unforgiving world. The combat is the main course in this game, you have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. Assault rifles, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, melee weapons, shotguns, pistols, and more are all available to choose from and fully customizable with your chosen attachments much like in Battlefield 2042. However, if you’re looking for a more competitive outlook within the same world of Pioner, you’ll be happy to know that the game features in-game zones that you can go to and butt heads with other players. These PvP zones are much like the Dark Zones featured in Destiny 2 and other games where nothing is off the table, no rules, it’s an all-out brawl between players. Aside from those aspects, Pioner features a main campaign within it, which you can do solo or in co-op, depending on your preference. The game also has an emphasis on faction building and base building gameplay much like in Rust, you can create your own base and occupy it with your squad members as well as NPCs you see around you in the world. There seems to be a ton of things that you can do here, and all of them seem like something great is on the horizon. Pioner will be releasing sometime in mid to late 2022, it will be a PC exclusive MMORPG on launch. It will not be a browser MMORPG or an Android MMORPG as those platforms wouldn't be able to withstand it's load, but according to GFA Games it will be making it's way onto consoles.

3. Palia

When it comes to MMORPG games, we usually see high fantasy worlds and a ton of action and content that involves fighting, combat, sorcery and battles. However, Palia has quite a different concept entirely. You can compare Palia to everyone’s favorite Browser MMORPG game Runescape, in the sense that you have 100% freedom when it comes to customization. Paleo is a game that revolves around character customization, designing a world around you in a simulation sort of way. The game is very different to anything else in the MMORPG market, as it will give you a relaxing experience rather than a grindy one. Your job is to essentially create a town that you can be proud of. Design a character, start your own farming or fishing business, decorate your house and decorate the buildings in your town. Other players will be able to interact with it once they find you on their list, or just run into you organically.

You can garden, fish, cook, go on adventures to uncover the truth and mysteries hidden within this world, learn the deep core mechanics and new skills and abilities by going out into the wilderness to venture. There is just a huge abundance of relaxing things to do in Palia, which is what makes it such a different concept. This isn’t to say that there won’t be any combat, Palia will have some level of dungeon crawling brought into the fold as usual for MMORPG games. However, it won’t be more important than the rest of the tasks and quests, it will be equally important as fishing, exploring, cooking, gardening and renovating your surroundings!

Your exploration will reward you with new cooking recipes, resources and more, same goes for fishing and gardening. Whereas doing quests for characters will also reward you with new things such as cosmetic customization of your own house and the world around you as well. Levelling up will make you faster and better at your job, whereas acquiring more and more tools will enable you to become an actual master of exploration and crafting in this world! Rumors state that Palia will be releasing sometime before 2022’s December, which should make its release window around October or November of 2022. However, it might also be looking for an earlier release window, but there's no proper info as of yet as is the case with most developing MMORPG games. May it be a regular MMORPG, an Android MMORPG or a Browser MMORPG, they all have quite unconventional release windows.

2. The Day Before

First off, The Day Before is one of the most unique looking MMO games that I’ve personally seen in a very long time. It’s a third person shooter, with a huge emphasis on gunplay and survival. The game’s main gameplay loop mainly revolves around the fantastically done PvE as showcased in the trailers, however it also has a lot of RPG and survival mechanics that you must focus on. Your cars will have tires that will organically wither away in quality and you will have to replace them or repair them, your clothing will get dirty after a while, your weapons will get rusty and your character will need to eat and drink to survive. There are a lot of nuances here in terms of game design that a player can focus on, not to mention; the world it features is huge and has some of the best graphics we’ve seen in an MMORPG in a while!

If you encounter any players around the world, this will happen organically, you will not be able to seek them out unusual. However, you will run into them regularly during your scouting or supply missions. Once you encounter a player, it depends entirely on you and the other player if they wish to be friendly or if they wish to be hostile. This dynamic makes the game quite unique, as you don't just have an option to PvE or PvP, but both things are integrated together within the game world. The gameplay is quite dynamic, and survival is at the center of it, your interaction with other players is what truly determines how good you are at the game. This game seems to have taken a ton of inspiration from titles such as DayZ and Tom Clancy’s The Division, but where those games failed, The Day Before is trying to do something different to succeed. Rumors are that the game releases in Summer 2022, though there is no concrete information yet aside from the gameplay showcases!

1. Corepunk

Corepunk is perhaps the most stylized, and the most polished MMORPG that will be coming out in 2022. This top down MMORPG features everything you could ask for with a setting that is a mixture of cyberpunk, high fantasy and steam punk genres. The game features a HUGE world, where a fog of war mechanic is what drives you to push further and explore every nook and cranny within it. This MMORPG emphasizes that you as an adventurer must get out of your comfort zone within this world and travers into not just the many bandit camps, dungeons and side quests of the game, but to explore and travel for no reason but the sense of wonderment that the developers have created.

Corepunk’s core mechanics are obviously its exploration, however its combat is no joke either, featuring some of the most evade heavy fighting mechanics in MMORPG games ever. The NPCs and the characters are a huge part of this world too, as you will constantly be doing quests and chores for them which will reward you with a ton of different types of gear and weapons. Character classes are unique and definitively reliant on individualism, as your choices of what stats and skills to acquire will determine your gameplay.

The game also features a fully realized, voice acted and developed main campaign which you can do solo or along with friends, it’s all up to you. Though if you get bored of the main quests and the side quests, you will always have more to do in this world. Farming and growing your own garden are great ways to gather resources for your recipes. You can become a lumberjack and chop wood, you can also become a miner and mine ore, you can become a trader of such goods to purchase valuable resources which you can use to craft your own unique weapons and gear. That’s not all, you can organically run into other players in the world and choose to engage in PvE right away. Somebody taking over your favorite farming spot? Well, you can fight them away. The game is full of mysteries and unique quests which will focus on not just your fighting skill and stats but also your ability to solve puzzles, platforming and finding hidden secrets! While there is no release date as of yet for Corepunk, you can go ahead and sign up for their closed beta on their website. If a closed beta is close by, then that means the game is definitely going to be releasing in 2022!

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