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Posted: Mar 22, 2021

Should I get into the game now?

Really that depends on you and what kind of game you enjoy. There have been hundreds of people that have played the game, in various states of completeness, that have enjoyed themselves. Of course it's also important that you have a stomach for Early Access games.

There are times when servers go down. The server reboots usually at least once per day. Especially during the week we are constantly releasing new features and fixing bugs. This can result in additional downtime due to server and client deployments. All in all if I had to guess though the actual downtime is fairly minimal maybe 1% on average. A server reboot, for example, tends to take between 5 to 10 minutes.

A bit of a unique experience and rare finds

One of the benefits of playing this game early that is quite unique to Voidspace is the fact that you will often come across objects that were left over from a content developer experimenting on things. This can mean that you'll sometimes discover a ship that moves too quickly or has weapons that were never released. This is part of the charm of the game and it's done on purpose so that people have something to find during the early stages that is interesting and beyond regular gameplay.

The community is also quite small and tight at this point. You'll find them available on discord along with the developers. We use the players as our QA team and so we work very closely with the players and the players work closely with us. This puts you in a unique position to dictate what you'd like to see in the game and we take this sort of feedback very seriously.

Beyond all that you have to ask yourself if this is the kind of game that you'd be interested in. It's not a fast-paced game. You are meant to play with multiple characters because there are a lot of long timers for building and researching. There's not a whole lot of combat either especially because the world is pretty tough to live in at this point. The technology level for characters is still in its infancy and this means that survival is difficult in the void. We will constantly improve the level of technology that players can discover as time goes on.

We always refund people if they ask for it

If it helps we always refund people no questions asked. The amount of refunds we get is tiny and I (Nik) process them myself because they are so rare - if that is any indication. Of course each platform has their own rules for refunds that we don't have control over, but if people buy the game through our website they have a 3-month window to ask for a refund. This is part of PayPal's donation system.

No more world wipes/resets

Some people ask if we will be wiping the world when we do a final release of the game. The answer is no. Part of the charm is in finding "ancient" player outposts that have very different equipment than that which is available in the game. Some items may even have special abilities that you can't get anymore. While this does break the immersion a bit, we find it's worth leaving this stuff in because it gives the game a real history. Some of this stuff might even turn into valuable collectables that you can only see in player-run museums.

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