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Posted: Feb 06, 2022

The purpose of this post is to help you to help us figure out what is causing your client to crash. Sometimes you'll be playing and you'll start getting resync issues. This usually indicates that some sort of error is happening in the game client.

The technique described here will only work on a desktop machine and specifically these instructions are geared towards Windows machines. You could however also do something very similar on a Mac or Linux box has the instructions would be almost identical, just the folder structures would be different.

To launch the game in debug mode on a Windows machine follow the following steps:

1. Assuming you installed void space using the installer that we provide on our website, press on the Windows key and type the word log. You should see an option called Log Folder come up. Select that option and a Windows Explorer window should appear that has taken you to the log folder for voidspace.

2. Press on the option to go up one folder directory, then double click on the clients folder that you should see there. This is where we have downloaded all of the client versions that you have available on your system. It should show you a list of jar files that are numbered. Take note of the file with the highest number. You're going to need it later.

3. Next you want to select the URL or folder path at the top of the window. When you do that type CMD and then press enter. This will launch a new black window and the folder that the black window has been launched into will be the clients folder.

4. The last step is to launch the game from here. Type the following command:

java -jar 1234.jar

You'll need to replace the 1234 with the file name that has the greatest number that you noted in step two. Then simply press enter. At this point the game should have launched.

You are now in debug mode. If you are experiencing some sort of issue, trigger the issue and then have a look at the black window that you should still have open at this point. Use your mouse to select the contents of the black window and then paste it into discord for the developers to review. In particular we are interested in any error messages and stack traces. If you're not sure what a stack trace looks like you can have a quick Google to see what you're looking for. They do look rather particular.

Later I will update this post with screenshots so it'll be easier to follow along. Thanks for helping out!

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