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Posted: Aug 25, 2021

What is Voidspace donation credit?

During Voidspace's early access, we offer a set of donation rewards to those who donate to the project pre-release. These rewards function similar to Kickstarter rewards where each tier achieved will unlock a new set of rewards, and all previous reward levels obtained will also be granted. This allows people to help support the development of the project, and support server costs, in exchange for premium accounts, skins, store credit, and a number of other unique benefits. The main reason people use the donation rewards is to get access to the game early while it's still in development, but the second most popular reason is to get store credit for buying skins.

Check out the pledges page for details on the donation rewards you can get.

You can get a bonus $20 donation reward credit added to your account when you buy the game on a platform such as Steam or the Play Store IF you already have a premium account

You can think of this perk as a thank-you for supporting us on multiple platforms. For example, if you already have a premium account purchased for your account on, and you then buy the game again on the Google Play Store (cost is about $13) under the same account, you will be given a special $20 donation reward credit which will apply towards your donation reward tiers.

What is Voidspace store credit?

Voidspace has an in-game store that allows you to buy skins for equipment, ships, and base modules. These skins don't give you any special abilities, they are purely cosmetic in order to avoid pay-to-win scenarios. We are using a similar model to that which Fortnite uses where we will offer skins that you can use to customize the look of your ships and equipment, and in some cases these skins may only be available for a limited time. Players who acquired the appropriate donation reward tier will also be able to buy special skins that will only available to those early adopters, and some of those skins will also be granted to players for free.

A screenshot of one of the ship skins you can buy with store credit
A screenshot of one of the ship skins you can buy with store credit

What are monthly donation streak bonuses and how do they work?

In order to encourage people to donate to the project on a monthly basis, we have added a new bonus program that rewards people for acquiring new donation reward credit in each calendar month. The way it works is as follows:

  1. A player sets up a monthly donation subscription amount of $10 in July. They are then immediately given $1 worth of store credit because just for using the subscription service they are given a 10% credit bonus.
  2. In August the second payment is made. Because they have donated now 2 months in a row, they are given the 20% bonus applied against BOTH months. This means that the first month's $10 donation will also have the 20% bonus applied. In total, the player will recieve $4 worth of store credit bonus (1 additional dollar for the first month on top of the 1 dollar they already recieved, and 2 dollars for the second month).
  3. In September the third payment is made. The player will have reached a 30% donation streak and once again this 30% is applied retroactively. Since $30 was donated in total so far, the total store credit bonus they will recieve will be $9, but since they had already recieved $4 in the 2nd month they will get $5 worth of store credit for the 3rd month.
  4. In October the forth payment is made. The player will have reached a 40% donation streak and once again 40% is applied retroactively for a total of $16 of store credit.
  5. In November the fifth payment is made. The player will have reached the 50% donation streak (this is the maximum bonus level). Total bonus on the fifth month would then be $25.

If the player maintains their monthly donations after the fifth month, they will continue to receive a 50% store credit bonus with each payment.

The monthly streak store credit bonuses also apply to one-off donations made, not only to subscription donations!

If our player has the 50% monthly donation streak and they donate a $100 lump sum, in addition to any store credits they recieved from that donation, the monthly streak bonus will also be applied. This means our player will additionally recieve $50 worth of store credit from their donation. This benefit ALSO works no matter when you make your donation during your monthly streak. For example, if the player did a $100 donation in the first month and then setup a subscription for $10 per month after that, when the second month rolls around and the $10 subscription amount is paid - the player will have achieved the 20% monthly streak bonus and that 20% will be applied to the initial $100 donation as well, giving them a total of $22 worth of store credit.

Warning: The monthly donation streak system does not apply to store credit purchases

Please be aware that direct store credit purchases have their own bonus structure and are not part of the monthly streak bonus program.

This is the credit store where you can buy store credits directly
This is the credit store where you can buy store credits directly

The above image shows the credit store for buying store credits directly. This is NOT used to buy donation reward credits, for those you must go to the pledges page.

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